Vision / Mission

Our vision is to fuel a world where children affected by a parent or guardian’s death can pursue their educational dreams without financial burden.

MAY-B Scholarship

The MAY-B Foundation has a complete approach to college scholarships. We don’t just throw money at education—we make it stick.

MAY-B Mentorship

The heart of our work is in mentoring. It’s the college coaching that makes MAY-B Scholars succeed. We direct our students towards college success.


Meet our Student Ambassador,
Nia Powell

My name is Nia Powell and I will be a senior at Reservoir High School in this upcoming 2017/2018 school year. I am a scholar athlete at Reservoir High School; I play basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, and I ran track and field. Along with sports I am a member of the National Honor Society. I am very interested in music, sports, and working with kids. I plan to go to college and major in early childhood development and elementary education and minor in special education. I believe it is essential to help others succeed because in order to make the world better you have to help other people succeed.

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100% of Your Donation Goes to Education
At The MAY-B Foundation, you get results for your charitable investments in education. Your dollars help earn degrees for capable, deserving and determined students who are looking for help, hope, and healing.”