The MAY-B Foundation has a complete approach to college scholarships.

We don’t just throw money at education—we make it stick. We’ve developed a unique holistic system that addresses the needs of students.

Student Selection

We work with high school counselors to identify students with the ability and determination to complete post-secondary education or training. All scholarship candidates are interviewed in person or via video-conference.

Scholarship Assistance

The MAY-B Scholarship pays up to $2500 per year for up to four consecutive years. We also encourage our students to explore additional scholarship opportunities as well as find part-time work, particularly in their degree field.

Degree Completion

Getting into college isn’t the hard part. The real feat is degree completion with the educational credentials needed for gainful employment. For this reason, we don’t just offer a one-year award. We work with students for up to eight consecutive semesters.

Financial Accountability

Our scholarship is paid to the student with the guidance we provide on basic money management.  Many scholarships are given directly to the college or university but this does not help students learn how to manage money or provide the flexibility needed for other educational needs that may arise during the semester that would provide a barrier to their complete focus on their education.

Tracking Student Performance

We convey clear expectations and require accountability. Student performance is monitored. If grades drop below our required GPA, the student is contacted directly. We hold students responsible for their performance but work with them to develop successful strategies.

College Coaching

We pair our scholarships with a proven mentoring program aimed at college success and degree completion.