To fuel a world where children affected by a parent or guardian’s death can pursue their educational dreams without financial burden.

To provide education assistance and emotional support for postsecondary study to African-American students ages 16-24 who have lost a parent or guardian.

1. Provide hope and opportunity for young African-American students handling a loss of a parent or guardian with financial support through college scholarships and mentoring.

2. Provide help with emotional support through mentoring/coaching to students in their last year of high school and throughout college to help them heal from the devastating loss of a parent or guardian.

3. Increase the number of African-American students graduating from a four year college or university.

4. Increase the number of alumni who can partner with us to consistently give to our services.


Shannon Beasley Taitt is a childhood friend, her mom Mable was beloved by all. Please... if you can spare to donate, this is a legitimate cause I can believe in. Shannon's mom was a coach, a leader and friend to all who knew her. Her welcoming friendly positive attitude towards EVERYONE was something that made my step dad come home many nights ( as her mail carrier and talk about the wonderful person she was. ) I was lucky enough to have her daughter a year behind me in high school who also was a friend to all, she always had this HUGE beautiful smile! - S. C.