Mentoring Matters!

The heart of our work is in mentoring. It’s the college coaching that makes MAY-B Scholars succeed. We direct our students towards college success. Our proven mentoring program continues to grow with the goal of degree completion. Or dream and goal is that MAY-B Scholars graduate at a rate TWICE the national average!

Mentoring Mindset

The entire MAY-B Foundation has a mentoring mindset. We’re available to help students make the transition from high school to college and from college to career. Ours is a complete approach to college success. This year, we have a new Mentoring Coordinator that is committed to helping students succeed, and meets with MAY-B Scholars throughout each school year to check their progress.

Incoming Freshmen

Statistics show that the risk of dropping out is greatest during the freshman year. We address this risk by matching every incoming freshman with an MAY-B Mentor. As each new school year begins, we gather the mentor pairings for a meet-and-greet event.

Community Service

We expect all MAY-B Scholars to participate in community-service projects. Among other activities, the MAY-B Foundation Community has gathered to volunteer at various non-profit events.

Thank-You/Update Notes

All MAY-B Scholars are required to provide at least one written update each semester. These notes provide an interesting indication of student progress and help to create affinity between our students and their sponsors.

Money Management

We encourage our students to minimize debt by working part-time during college and by exploring additional scholarship opportunities.  We provide them with a financial advisor to help them with budgeting and other needs that will help them become great money managers.

Pay-It-Forward Vision

At the MAY-B Foundation, we invest in future leaders and see philanthropy as an important trait to be fostered among our students. MAY-B Scholars give back.  Through philanthropy training, all scholars learn that every dollar counts when it comes to helping others.  We know that resources are limited for college students but we want them to create a habit of supporting causes in their community.  We have events where they can assist other new scholars and also track other ways they support their community whether at college or back at home.